Since its establishment in 2016, Loudmouth Security has rapidly emerged as one of Ottawa’s premier cyber security consultancies. Our founders, both Defcon Black Badge winners, bring unparalleled expertise and experience to the table. In addition to offering traditional penetration testing services, we also conduct tactical security research and deliver cutting-edge training programs.

Our team comprises highly skilled Offensive Security Certified Professionals who specialize in a range of areas, including security research, fuzzing, vulnerability assessments, red-teaming, social engineering, physical security, and SCADA security. Our client roster includes federal government agencies, police services, municipalities, crown corporations, and private industry players across a wide range of sectors, including healthcare, defense, intelligence, finance, and manufacturing.

At Loudmouth Security, we’re committed to staying ahead of the curve and delivering the most effective cyber security solutions to our clients. Our reputation speaks for itself, and we’re proud to have built a strong track record of success.